Bass guitars, equipment & related items. If you have any questions related to bass guitars, feel free to ask. I answer all questions personally! If you have a bass or equipment to show off, feel free to send it to me and I'll make sure that the world gets to see it! :) Submit button can be found under 'links'------------------------------------------------

P.s. no shaming on this blog. This blog is meant for every admirer, beginner and professional in the field. Let this blog be an inspiration for you into the beautiful art of bass.

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What's your favorite band?? Who's your favorite bassist??


Paz Lenchantin is my favorite bass player. I got introduced to her when she was playing for A Perfect Circle. 
I don’t specifically have a favorite band, but I’m currently listening to a lot of Halestorm. Reason being is because I love to sing and play their songs. Lzzy Hale’s voice is powerful and razor sharp :)¬†

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URL left for Sherlock fans

I got this URL called sherlocksridingcrop and I’m not doing anything with it. Because I don’t want to be one of those assholes who takes a ton of usernames and doesn’t use them I’m willing to give it away if someone’s willing to use it. PM me if you want it :)

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Lets hope robots do not surpass human abilities, but it sure looks cool!

Lets hope robots do not surpass human abilities, but it sure looks cool!

is that you in your icon?


Yes that’s me :)

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Gary Grainger’s signature model by PRS guitars.

Gary Grainger’s signature model by PRS guitars.

Mayones custom Pi-2

Mayones custom Pi-2


My Band Reply: thank you for your submission!

I made it home!

Once again sorry for the minimal amount of posts the past couple of weeks. My holiday is over. My immigration process has begun, and you can all expect a large queue coming up in the next few days!

Keep it groovin’

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Dingwall bass hurray!

Dingwall bass hurray!

Made by Pedulla basses.

Made by Pedulla basses.


Stainless steel bass by Stash (I think).
Anyone ever tried playing in a stainless steel bass?

Fender plexiglass P-bass from 1989.

Fender plexiglass P-bass from 1989.

Steve Harris’ signature P-bass.

Steve Harris’¬†signature P-bass.